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John 10:27

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."


I had the privilege of coaching my son during his high school basketball career. During one season, he was chosen to play in an all-star game at a gym located out of town. I found a place near the top of the bleachers to enjoy the game, and of course, I was being a good parent coaching from the stands. (LOL) As the game started, I was talking to my son, who was playing in the game, telling him to Block Out, Rebound, Play Defense, etc. Even though I am typically a loud person, especially with all the years of coaching, I was speaking in a relatively calm voice. During one of the exchanges with my son, the gentlemen beside me said, "Excuse me, are you talking to me?" I apologized and explained that #44 on the court was my son, and I was talking to him.

He did not believe my son could hear me in such a noisy environment, so I proved it to him. I told my son to box out on the next shot and asked if he had heard me. The man beside me could not believe it when my son gave the thumbs-up sign that he heard me. The secret: I had coached my son for so many years he knew my voice and could distinguish it from all the other voices and sounds in the gym. All the noise and commotion were not too much for him to miss my voice. He knew to listen for my voice above all other noises.


Have you spent enough time with the Father to hear his voice no matter what happens? In our lives full of worldly noise, we must be able to distinguish when the Lord is talking to us. We must remember to be listening for HIS voice. As we are all doing our part to seek the 3,571 for the Lord, will you listen and hear when HE tells you who your ONE is?


Lord, thank You that You not only save us, but You want a personal relationship with us. I pray that I continually draw near to You so that I can always hear your voice. Even though this world is full of noise, good and bad, keep my heart open to listen for you as you speak. As we seek the 3,571, tell us who our one is. We are your sheep; we are listening. AMEN

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