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DAY 25

Numbers 32:5

If we have found favor with you, please let us have this land as our property instead of giving us land across the Jordan River.


The Israelites have been on a journey for 40 years—a journey with a specific promise at the end. God promised the Israelites that He was bringing them to a land "flowing with milk & honey" (Exodus 3:17). Basically, God had promised the perfect land for them at the end of the journey. He had a gift and wanted to give it to them.

The Israelites are at the edge of the Promised Land, the land He promised them over the last 40 years! The last time they were here, they lacked faith in God's promise. Now they are back. As they paused before finally entering the Promised Land, two tribes asked to settle in this land; however, this land was NOT the gift God had been preparing them for and leading them to for the last 40 years. They haven't even entered the Promised Land yet, but these two tribes are content to settle with what they see.


Don't give up. If God has called you to do something, continue it! He has a reason for taking you on a journey. If you stop early, you will never know what He has in store for you and others at the end of the journey.

Stay focused. These Israelites took their eyes off of the goal. Maybe they decided to stop early because the blessing in the moment seemed as good as it would get, or perhaps they feared the upcoming battles and the hardships. Blessings and hardships have the ability to pull us off of our journey if we don't stay focused on the end goal.


Jesus, thank you for the innumerable blessings you have given me. Thank you for calling me to go on this journey with you. Please give me the strength to continue the journey and not quit early. Amen.

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