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Denise Gogolin

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Denise’s work life is motivated by a desire to minister to those in need of emotional and spiritual support. This desire to help others naturally compelled Denise to complete a Master’s degree in Counseling. Most recently she has worked with teens, women, and families through the pain of substance abuse, anxiety, depression, loss, trauma and other forms of distress. Before moving to sunny Florida with her husband, Denise also completed degrees in Theology and English Literature. She worked as a correspondence counselor, and a teacher at an at-risk middle school and high school. She experienced her greatest satisfaction during this time after class when she could speak with the students about deeper emotional and spiritual issues in order to help heal their hurts and calm their frustrations. She has also taught at a university where she helped struggling students adjust to the demands of university life while navigating difficult experiences. Denise’s passion for helping others is grounded in holding a space for her clients where they receive comfort, non-judgment and empathy.

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