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Jay Wade

Highland Park Financial Coach

Jay learned at an early age what is was like to be poor. As a teenager he started living life of credit cards and loans and 25 years later found himself deep in debt. In the early 90’s Jay and his wife, made the decision they could no longer live in debt as it was mentally and physically exhausting and caused difficulties within their marriage. Through the next few years they quit spending and lived like one else would and worked their way out of debt. They started saving for retirement and today they can do just about anything they choose to do. Jay understands how families can get into debt but also knows with diligence and discipline, financial lives can change. Jay worked with a financial company for 15 years, teaching families the difference between living in debt and living debt free and helped them change their present spending habits to a life of financial freedom. He now coordinates and leads Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes with the help of his wife and team. Jay completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Master Series and Master Money Mentoring course through UF. Jay believes and works with families concerning their debt issues, based on biblical principles. Jay understands and believes coaching is not looking back at what was, but starting over and working forward to a life of freedom from debt. “Doubt and despair want you to look back, Hope wants you to look forward”

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