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We have the incredible opportunity to impact the lives of 500 kids and 100 students this summer through our Kids Camp and Youth Summer Camp! Many of our students are unable to pay the cost of camp or need some financial assistance in doing so. We are looking for 300 people that would be willing to partner with us to ensure that no student misses out on this amazing experience because they are unable to cover the cost.

Your investment will directly contribute to scholarships for those who require financial assistance, camp expenses, including food, lodging, facilities, production, materials, and prizes. With your support, we can ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to encounter God's love and experience community through camp this year!

Share in the joy of experiencing life transformation with these remarkable young souls. Give today, and help us ignite the flames of passion for Christ in their lives. Spread the word, and inspire others to be part of this life-changing endeavor.

Give now and be a catalyst for life transformation! 


HP Youth is committed to help raise the next generation up to know, love, and serve Jesus for a lifetime. Around 100 students will get to experience this at our "OFF SZN" Summer Camp this year. This will be the most fun week of the Summer for our students, but beyond that, we want to create a space for our students to encounter God in a powerful way. At HP Youth, we are obsessed with the One. If everything we do is for one student to encounter God, it is worth it to us. Check out this story of Jay, one our students who encountered God and experienced life transformation at Summer Camp last year!


HP Kids exists to help kids and their families know and love Jesus. Over 500 kids this summer will experience community and encounter God during our summer worship services. We make sure to have FUN while sharing timeless, life-changing principles from God’s Word. Join the fun and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level! 


Click the "Give Now" button below and follow the steps on the giving website!


We seek to reshape the perception of the Church's relevance by becoming the first place people look to for identity, community, and help. We will be a church that is "obsessed with the one", focused on reaching those who are doubting, done with religion, and disengaged from faith; a church that feels such urgency to share the good news of Jesus and help others claim their divine purpose that our comfort no longer factors into the equation. 
The life of our church is the activated faith of every individual. We will always call people to a step forward toward Jesus, believing that everyone has gifting and calling upon their life, regardless of their current starting point. We seek to connect people to the bigger thing that God is doing by leading them from serving while being discipled, to discipling while serving. We will build a foundation of faith through Scripture that people can always rely upon, a springboard for their future calling. 
Our call is to transform our community, building the leaders and shaping the systems so that our community would look more like God's kingdom than it does today. Our commitment is to engage 1% of Lakeland in active ministry and to celebrate the baptism of 3,571 people before 2030. While we begin in our neighborhoods, we will not allow our current address to define our future footprint but will expand in our influence and ethnic diversity. We seek to continuously make a greater impact through helping other churches, deploying leaders, expanding online, and planting campuses. 

 This is Church: grace that is not devoid of truth. This is Church: an intergenerational community that swims against the current of prolonged adolescence. This is Church: a people humbled so that we will love as God loves. This is Church: so healthy that the gospel is irresistible.  We are not a cruise ship, but a battleship. We are the Church.

Our Vision
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