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We're so excited to meet you!

9AM + 11AM + 5PM

4777 Lakeland Highlands Rd, Lakeland, FL 33813

Here's what to expect:

  1. Meet us at the BLUE BALLOONS!

  2. A gift just for you.

  3. Saved seat for you in the worship center.

  4. If you have kids to check in we'll help get them checked-in.

  5. Answer any questions you have.



Early Bird or Night Owl?
Whether you come alive in the morning or in the evening, we have 3 services for you to choose from. Sundays at 9am, 11am or 5pm. Each gathering you will experience community and encounter God so you can't go wrong!

Streets to Seats
When entering the lobby, our Blue Balloons Team will be ready to help you find exactly where to go. Whether you need to check in your kid(s) or need to find the worship center, we will assist you each step of the way.

Did Someone Say Coffee?
Whether you're the Early Bird or the Night Owl, we have a cup of coffee waiting for you. Also, feel free to grab a delicious donut while you're at it! Sunday calories don't count.

If you arrive early, we will have a countdown clock on the screens letting you know we will begin our service soon. We typically kick off our gatherings with worship music and continue with a message, as well as celebrating people taking their next steps in faith through baptism and salvation. We have floor and balcony seating. but we encourage you to come early to grab a seat on the main floor!

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
Kids For The ONE provides an amazing experience for children in early childhood through 5th grade. We have well trained leaders who are ready to help get your kids checked in and settled in the right area. Kids For The ONE also provides an inclusive model with special needs children. We have one on one leaders, fidgets, and noise canceling headphones as a resource for your child.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Safety is a top priority at Church For The ONE. We want to make sure that the only person who is able to pick up your kid(s) at the end of the service is YOU! In order to do that, we have a check in station available to register your kid(s) and yourself. The sticker will print off for you and your kid(s) with a cooresponding code. Only the person with the matching code as the kid(s) will be able to pick them up after service. We also have a security team that monitors the doors of Kids For The ONE to ensure that our kids are safe and you can enjoy service without any worries!

Family Meeting
We believe that each child matters and because of that we have provided materials and a lesson that specifically pertains what you are being taught in service. Our goal is to give your children an experience that is specialized for their age, while also teaching them what is being taught in service. This allows for families to engage in conversations after service about the message.

3rd Time is A Charm or Give Us 3 Visits
Our hope is for you to experience community, encounter God, claim purpose, and pursue calling here! We believe within this process it takes intentionality. After you attend a service and fill out the form at the Blue Balloons, someone from our team will reach out to you to see how your experience was and if you had any questions that we can answer for you.  We know it can be difficult entering a new community of faith. We want you to know how grateful we are to be part of your spiritual journey and we’ve found it takes at least three visits to learn some of our culture, meet a couple people, and to see where God is leading you. We believe God has you here on purpose, for a purpose and we can’t wait to see you soon! 


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