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Game Changing Wisdom

Stand Alone




“Rest and Peace come when you Rejoice Always.”
“Rest and Peace come when you Seek the Lord because he is near.”
“Rest and Peace come when you Surrender your Needs to God.”
“Rest and Peace come when you Focus on the Right Things.”

Scripture contains wisdom that has the power to give you peace even while living in an anxious world. There is a plan for overcoming anxiety and discovering peace. To find rest and peace in an anxious world we must; rejoice in the lord, remember that the Lord is near, surrender our needs to God, and focus on the right things.

Discussion Questions

1. What are some examples of the "right things" you should focus on daily to maintain peace and reduce anxiety?
1. How can you avoid getting distracted by the wrong priorities?

2. How does our awareness of God's presence impact our ability to find peace amidst anxiety?

3. What are some common challenges you face when trying to surrender your needs to God?
1. In what practical ways can you overcome these challenges and fully trust in God?

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