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Creation vs Creator

Stand Alone




1. Complaints take our eyes off the creator and puts them on creation.
2. We doubt the promises from the creator if we are looking at creation to fulfill it.
3. Gods arm is not shortened

God's Promises:
1. Strengthen you - Ephesians 3:14-16
2. To give you rest - Matthew 11:28-30
3. To take care of all of your needs - Philippians 4:19
4. To answer your prayers - Matthew 7:7
5. To work everything together for your good - Romans 8:28
6. To be with you - Joshua 1:5,9
7. To protect you - Psalm 91:2
8. Free from sin - 1 John 1:9
9. Nothing can separate you from his love - Romans 8:38-39
10. Everlasting life - John 3:16

Discussion Questions

1. Are you looking for something in creation to validate a feeling rather than trusting and turning to the creator?
2. What is something that you might be complaining about that others would be thanking God for?
3. In the midst of your doubt, do you trust God to get you through your circumstance? Or, do you allow your complaints to develop seeds of doubt leading you blind to reality?

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