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Special Olympics Unified Sports® combines people with (traditional Special Olympics athletes) and without intellectual disabilities (called Partners) on sports teams for training and competition; dramatically increasing inclusion in the community and using sports to help break down barriers that have historically kept people apart.


Throughout the year, in a variety of sports ranging from basketball to golf to track, Unified Sports athletes improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills, challenge the competition, build new friendships and have fun, too!

The concept of combining athletes with intellectual disabilities and those without was first introduced in the mid-1980s to provide another level of challenge for higher ability Special Olympics athletes and to promote equality and inclusion.  Today, Unified Sports encompasses virtually all Special Olympics sports, and competitions are held at the local, state, national and World levels.

Call (863) 647-3518 for any questions regarding participation in, volunteering for, or sponsorship for our Special Olympics program.


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