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Experiencing God Like Never Before

January 25, 2023

Experiencing God Like Never Before

Mike and his family began attending Highland Park Church a few months ago and within weeks of first attending, Mike began serving on the worship team!

"I truly believe that God led my family and I to Highland Park Church. I have no other answer than that. The moment I knew I wanted to serve was after attending for just a few weeks. I was in service worshiping and in a moment I experienced God like I had never experienced Him before. “I Just Want You” was the song that had been on my heart all morning. It was just after the sermon, while the worship team was playing a melody, that I started humming it and the next thing I knew the whole church was singing that song. Serving is important to me because it’s a way to give back to a God who has given me much more than I could ever deserve.”

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