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Life Change

March 7, 2023

Life Change

Andy was baptized at Highland Park recently and now his picture is on the baptism wall in the lobby!

"My baptism was my personal and public affirmation I am truly a child of God and I am striving to be more like Jesus every day. My personality has already changed greatly. I used to swear like a sailor. I don't even think that way anymore. Curse words don't even enter my head anymore. I've all but stopped judging/criticizing others after understanding we are all beautifully broken but saved by His grace. I know I have a long way to go yet in my journey but I can see the path now and pray that I be lead down it so I don't stray off course.

I am serving on the Alpha setup/teardown team. After attending my first session of Alpha I felt that would be a good entry point into serving the church. I absolutely love Alpha! Serving in Alpha is my first act of volunteering in my life. It's important to me because I know God wants me to give and serve first and foremost. I'm looking forward to serving God and the church in other ways as my journey progresses.

Thank you for taking interest in my story. I pray that it will encourage others to take the same steps in exploring their faith and forming a better relationship with Christ."

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