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DAY 20

Psalm 127:1

Unless the Lord builds the house - the labors, labor in vain.


Something that has always stood out to me about this verse is it does not say, "God is the only builder of houses." This leads to the understanding that we also have the power to build houses. This makes me look at the "houses" in my life, wondering who the builder was. Whether it's my family, my career, my finances, ministry, etc., who is holding those tools? Did I submit that build and the work to the Lord, or am I fervently attempting to build it on my own strength, desires, and abilities?

I have built enough IKEA furniture in my life to know that I am not a good "builder." My strengths, intuition, emotions, and abilities can only lead me so far. Oftentimes, I am able to build something that looks good at first but is structurally unsound. I am feeling confident during the build, and it's going well until I go to put the last piece in and realize I missed an important step along the way. I end up sitting in blood, sweat, and now tears, realizing all that work was in vain. It seemed like a good job all along, but it couldn't function as the original creator or manual had intended it.

How beautiful is it that the ultimate builder - the maker of the heavens and the earth- is so interested in building our lives for us on a solid foundation? He wants to be a part of building your family, career, finances, relationships, community, etc. He is just asking that we submit the tools, lay them down at his feet, and watch the beautiful life he wants to build for us. He is able to do far more than we could ask, think, or imagine. Our work does not have to go in vain. God wants to build your house


Surrender the tools to God.

When in the building process, Seek First the Kingdom.

Spend time in prayer about what you're building in your life. He will guide your steps!


Lord, Thank you so much for having plans for our lives that are so much more beautiful than we could ever ask or imagine. Thank you that we do not need to strive to achieve the life you have set out for us, but it is readily available for those who submit the tools to you. I pray that You give us a sensitivity to where You're leading us and what houses you want to build in our lives. We thank you for all you will do in and through us! Amen!

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