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DAY 32

Psalms 25:12-14

Who are those who fear the LORD ? He will show them the path they should choose. They will live in prosperity, and their children will inherit the land. The LORD is a friend to those who fear him. He teaches them his covenant.


"The person who is scared of God has something to hide. The person who fears God has nothing to hide, and they are terrified of being away from Him" - John Bevere

We often talk about our love of Christ but leave out our fear of God. I think this is because we often confuse fear with being scared. In biblical terms, the word fear often lines up with the word "Awe."

The best way I understand the term is by thinking about the people I grew up admiring, specifically my Dad and Grandfather. The amount of awe and respect I had for them was unlike any other. I loved them and looked up to them so much that I had this deep respect for both of them like they were superheroes. It has been a vital part of my walk to understand what it means to truly fear the Lord. I always want to strive to be in extreme awe of Him and live to honor Him.

In the culture we live in today, we do not use the word "honor" well anymore. But fear also means to honor. Going back to my dad and grandfather, as a descendant and child of theirs, I wanted to honor them by living a life worthy of the last name they handed down to me. Now, I see that same thing coming into my relationship with Christ. As a child of God, we should all look to wear the name of "Christian" with pride. We should give honor to Christ as image bearers and Children of God. What a joy and honor it is to be a child of God.


Run to God Daily- Fall so in love with the Lord that you long to be in His presence. Learn to have such an awe of the Father that all you can think of is being with Him. Let your heart be full of His will.

Pick Up The Cross With Joy- Learn to wear the name of "Christian" with so much honor that everyone around you can see the Christ in you because of the joy that comes with it.

Trust God to Guide Your Path- To fear the Lord is to trust Him. Put it all in His hands. Be in awe of all He can do, and trust Him wholeheartedly with your entire life.


Lord, I thank You for allowing me to be Your child. I pray for a holy fear and awe that will help me to see You as the magnificence, glorious, and awe-filled God You are. Grow my understanding and knowledge of who You are. Give me a desire to please and honor You and let all my life praise Your name. I love You so much, Lord. In Jesus' beautiful name, I pray, amen.

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