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Praying & Giving Audaciously

December 18, 2022

Praying & Giving Audaciously

Austin (age 7) and his mom, Rebeccah, have been attending Highland Park since Austin was a baby. It was this year, during the Audacious Offering, that Austin began praying audacious prayers and gave in an audacious way!

“My mom told me about a way we could give and since the true meaning of Christmas is giving and I wanted to give since God does so much for me. I challenged myself and worked hard to earn as much as I could with good behavior, doing chores, and practicing my reading and getting 100%’s on my AR tests. I know God will always provide and I am lucky to have what I do. I learned audacious praying is praying like God has already made it happen for us, and I know I can always count on him.”

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