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The WHY of what we do is always filtered through the VISION that God has given us as a church. We know that to see the vision come to fruition we must create unique opportunities to engage with people’s unique rhythms of life! From the data we’ve received from our focus groups & leader nights, convincing information has compelled us to move forward in faith and launch a 3RD SERVICE ON SUNDAY NIGHTS!


WHY are we launching our 3rd service on Sunday nights at 5pm?  Because we are OBSESSED WITH THE ONE! Which one you may ask? The one whose normal rhythms wouldn’t lend to a Sunday morning, the one that associates an evening with friends as something they would love to be a part of! The ONE that can’t seem to see themselves in a church on a Sunday morning, but can be persuaded to come to a “party” on a Sunday night! THIS IS OUR WHY! To see the baptism of 3,571 people in the next 10 years, we are have to take some calculated risks and WE are so excited to be a part of seeing God reach the doubting, done with religion & disengaged from faith, through unreasonable means and men and women like you and me!


Invite to Serve

A personal invite to serve; identifying the gifting you see in them goes a long way in activating people into their calling. Share this landing page so they can see for themselves the mission behind the 3rd service!

Example:Hey chica! I saw you in the church lobby last Sunday with your friends. You were smiling and engaging with those around you. You lit up the room! I think you would be an amazing greeter at our new 5pm service starting in August!

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Invite to Attend

Take a look at the list below. Identify those in your life who may fall in these categories and invite them to the 5pm service starting 8/27!

  • Night shift workers/work on Sundays

  • Night owls/like to sleep in

  • College students/Young Adults

  • High school students

  • Singles

  • Those who have experienced church hurt

  • Unchurched/never step foot in a church

  • Non-traditionalists

  • Double dippers (attend AM somewhere else)

  • Community seekers/looking for a place to belong

Example:Brandon! What’s up man?! I’ve missed seeing you at church lately. I hope your new job is going well! I knew you would kill it! I wanted you to know about our new 5pm service starting in August. I think it would work well with your new schedule. Hit me up if you want me to save you a seat. Holla at me bruh!

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Be in prayer about being open to serving at the 5pm as we build a new front line for ministry. Pray that God moves in the hearts of the people in our city to experience community and encounter Him. Pray that this service is used to point the doubting, disengaged and done with religion to Jesus and a relationship begins and baptism is realized. Pray for the ONE.


8/6 - Team Training Night
This will be a night for ALL teams to come together to create unity while being a part of the conversation as we discuss the vision of the 5PM service! Our desire is that you would leave this night feeling equipped to serve and empowered to recruit for the team.

8/13 - Friends & Family Night
We want to see YOU and your friends this night! Come ready to experience community as we hear more about what God is doing within this church and how we can activate our faith because of it!

8/20 - Soft Launch Night
Come ready to experience community, encounter God, claim purpose, and pursue calling together! As we are a church that is "obsessed with the one" - we encourage you to invite the ONE to this night.

The moment we've ALL been waiting for is here! You are guaranteed to have the MOST fun you've ever had at church! Invite everyone you know this Sunday! There will be food, photo-booths, music, & more.


Most of us have social media but perhaps haven't fully engaged it's power to invite someone to church. The launch of our 3rd service might be the best time to begin using our influence for God' Kingdom. We've created this starter kit for YOU to do just that. Share them all, be strategic and have faith that will land exactly where God wants it to on your friend and family's feed! 

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We seek to reshape the perception of the Church's relevance by becoming the first place people look to for identity, community, and help. We will be a church that is "obsessed with the one", focused on reaching those who are doubting, done with religion, and disengaged from faith; a church that feels such urgency to share the good news of Jesus and help others claim their divine purpose that our comfort no longer factors into the equation. 
The life of our church is the activated faith of every individual. We will always call people to a step forward toward Jesus, believing that everyone has gifting and calling upon their life, regardless of their current starting point. We seek to connect people to the bigger thing that God is doing by leading them from serving while being discipled, to discipling while serving. We will build a foundation of faith through Scripture that people can always rely upon, a springboard for their future calling. 
Our call is to transform our community, building the leaders and shaping the systems so that our community would look more like God's kingdom than it does today. Our commitment is to engage 1% of Lakeland in active ministry and to celebrate the baptism of 3,571 people before 2030. While we begin in our neighborhoods, we will not allow our current address to define our future footprint but will expand in our influence and ethnic diversity. We seek to continuously make a greater impact through helping other churches, deploying leaders, expanding online, and planting campuses. 

 This is Church: grace that is not devoid of truth. This is Church: an intergenerational community that swims against the current of prolonged adolescence. This is Church: a people humbled so that we will love as God loves. This is Church: so healthy that the gospel is irresistible.  We are not a cruise ship, but a battleship. We are the Church.

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