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Rowena Barnett

Director of Highland Park Counseling | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Having grown up as a Lakelander, Rowena and her family are long-term Floridians. Yet in having parents who are from the Caribbean, she is proud to be a first generation American. Rowena developed a passion for helping others when she earned her Master’s degree in Counseling. This not only changed Rowena’s life, but gave her a vision for her unique role in improving peoples’ lives. From there, Rowena worked in various counseling situations which included a community health center counseling chronic mentally ill clients, working in a chemical dependency treatment center and a private practice. Now, Rowena is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and counsels individuals, couples and families at Highland Park Counseling. Rowena pursues authentic relationships with herself, God, and people. This pursuit guides the focus of her therapy in helping people reach greater places of loving themselves; loving others; and, ultimately, loving God with all their hearts.

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