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How To Find Your Feet

Stand Alone



2 Samuel 22
Matthew 7:24
Psalm 17:5
John 13:3-17


- Find you're feet because if you don't the wave will come and you'll lose you're stability.
- There is always another wave coming. When trouble comes don't be shocked. (Jesus told us this) When you have firm footing you can stand the wave and trials that come your in life.
- The thing that you're going to in the normal is what you're real foundation is.

Discussion Questions

1. Reflecting on the examples of Peter, Joseph, and David, how does the concept of extending the timeline help you redefine what failure means in your own life? How can you apply this understanding to your current struggles and challenges?

2. Do you allow God to move within what you label as failures, or do you write them off and move on?

3. How can you cultivate a mindset that sees beyond the immediate and embraces God's timing and purposes?

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