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Kingdom is our culture

Built Different



2 Kings 1:10, Jeremiah 1:5


“Very many of our brethren, while in their exceeding love and brotherly kindness, did not spare themselves, but kept by each other, and visited the sick without thought of their own peril, and ministered to them assiduously and treated them for their healing in Christ, died from time to time most joyfully. . .drawing upon themselves their neighbors’ diseases, and willingly taking over to their own persons the burden of the sufferings of those around them.” - Dionysius, 5th Ca.

"During World War II on a remote island in the Pacific, an American soldier met a native who could read, and the native was carrying a Bible. Upon seeing the Bible, the soldier said, “We educated people no longer put much faith in that book.” The native, from a tribe of former cannibals, replied, “Well, it’s good that we do, or you would be eaten by my people today." - Alvin Schmidt, Historian

"Wherever Christian ideals have been generally accepted and their practice sincerely attempted, there is a dynamic liberty; and wherever Christianity had been ignored or rejected, persecuted or chained to the state, there is tyranny”- Carlton Hayes, Historian​

Discussion Questions

1. What kind of culture would the people closest to you say that you are creating?
2. In what ways can you focus on creating a kingdom-minded culture?
3. Whether positive or negative, does what you believe impact how you live?

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