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Serving is Our Calling

Built Different



John 13:1-3, John 13:4-5, John 13:6-11, John 13:12-17


Jesus rose from dinner, a place of rest and comfort.
>>> Jesus rose from His throne in heaven, a place of rest and comfort

Jesus laid aside His garments, taking off His covering.
>>>Jesus laid aside His glory, taking off His heavenly covering

Jesus took a towel and prepared Himself being ready to work.
>>>Jesus took the form of a servant, and came ready to work

Jesus poured water into a basin, ready to clean.
>>>Jesus poured out His blood to cleanse us from the guilt and penalty of sin

Jesus sat down again after washing their feet.
>>>Jesus sat down at the right hand of God the Father after cleansing us

Discussion Questions

1. How has serving others helped you develop an others-first attitude?

2. Why is motive important in serving others?

3. How did Jesus’ action communicate his love for his disciples? What’s a modern-day equivalent that could send the same message to your friends?

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