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Worth It

Stand Alone



Luke 1:29
Luke 1:30


Vision excerpt:
We will be a church that is "obsessed with the one", focused on reaching those who are doubting, done with religion, and disengaged from faith; a church that feels such urgency to share the good news of Jesus and help others claim their divine purpose that our comfort no longer factors into the equation.

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever taken an uncomfortable step in life? What was it? What were the results?
- Is there an uncomfortable step you have taken in your faith? Did it go well?

2. Is there an area in your faith where you feel you should be taking the next step but have not yet taken it because it seems uncomfortable?
- What do you feel the next step might be? Do you need help identifying it?

3. What is one bold move in the context of faith that you would take if there was absolutely nothing holding you back?

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